Production of a Boeing 737

Airbus and Boeing Deliver 2023 Aircraft Deliveries Guidance

We may have seen history fly off into the sunset as Boeing delivered the final iconic 747 in January, but that does not mean the era of the jumbo jet is over.
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Boeing Delivers Last 747 Some 50 Years after the “Jumbo Jet” Made History

747 flying into the sunset
Boeing is bidding goodbye to the world’s first “jumbo jet” as the final 747 aircraft was delivered last month to Atlas Air some 50 years aft...
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Boeing 707: Modern Commercial Aviation Successfully Takes Flight

1952 Boeing 707
Modern commercial aviation was in a post-World War II holding pattern after structural problems with the first commercial jet, the de Havill...
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COVID-19 Pandemic Leads to Early Retirement for Iconic Aircraft

Source One COVID-19 Leads to Early Retirement for Iconic Aircraft Empty Airport Seats by Window
Last summer almost 70 percent of the world’s commercial aircraft were parked at some point during the unfurling COVID-19 pandemic, and more ...
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