Military plane

Defense Aviation Expects Growth as Global Military Spending Soars

Defense aviation is expected to soar as it rides the coattails of global military spending which has hit an all-time high according to recent reports.
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How Advanced Technologies are Revolutionizing Aircraft Maintenance

Artificial Intelligence
The aviation industry has always been an early adopter of emerging technologies – after all, the autopilot was around before World War I whe...
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MRO Industry Takes Note as Airships Take to the Skies Once Again

Pathfinder Blimp rendering
Airships, those lumbering, hulking dirigibles from the Zeppelins of black-and-white newsreels to the Goodyear blimps floating over sporting ...
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Inflation Can’t Ground American Travel Plans as Air Traffic Soars

Busy Airport
Persistent inflation is no match for Americans' desire to resume travel as air traffic has soared in 2023 and is now globally at 95.7 percen...
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Aviation Deadline to Retrofit Equipment for 5G Wireless Signals Quietly Arrives

5G on an Airplane
The long-anticipated deadline for airlines to retrofit equipment to work with newer 5G wireless signals quietly passed on July 1 with very l...
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Airbus and Boeing Deliver 2023 Aircraft Deliveries Guidance

Production of a Boeing 737
We may have seen history fly off into the sunset as Boeing delivered the final iconic 747 in January, but that does not mean the era of the ...
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Understanding the Vital Role MROs Play in the Aviation Industry

Aircraft engineer using laptop
When it comes to key players in the aviation industry the big names that come to mind typically include aircraft manufacturers such as Airbu...
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Factors that Could Alleviate the Aviation Mechanic Shortage

Airplane Mechanics
There is a dire need for aviation mechanics and the situation could only worsen with Boeing projecting that the global commercial aviation i...
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FAA to Spend $1 Billion to Improve America’s Air Traffic Control System

Air traffic Control Tower
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will spend $1 billion over the next year to improve America’s ...
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Global Cargo Conversion Boom Will Continue to Soar Through 2022 and Beyond

cargo being loaded onto an airplane
The global cargo conversion boom that took off during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to continue through 2022 and beyon...
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